Drywall Finishing Services in Des Moines
Drywall Finishing in Des Moines Iowa
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Drywall Finishing Services in Des Moines

Precision Builders Group is renowned for expert drywall finishing services in Des Moines. As a leading player in the local renovation industry, we are committed to delivering immaculate finishes essential for residential and commercial projects. Our drywall services ensure a smooth, ready-to-paint surface, enhancing the aesthetic and durability of your space.

We offer specialized drywall finishing and expert drywall installation, and our skilled painters are ready to revitalize your space with high-quality commercial and residential painting services. To accommodate our clients’ convenience, we also accept credit cards.

Proudly women-owned, we champion diversity in the construction industry. We accept credit cards to cater to our clients’ convenience. Choose us for a partnership that ensures excellence and integrity in every step of your project.


Our Mission

To deliver superior drywall finishing services and craftsmanship, enhance customer service in the renovation, and foster diversity and sustainability in every project.


Our Vision

To be Des Moines' leading renovation contractor, renowned for quality, innovation, and inclusivity, shaping a more viable and aesthetically pleasing built environment.

Advanced Techniques and Proven Results

Precision Builders Group surpasses its competitors regarding drywall finishing services in Des Moines Iowa. We utilize the latest techniques and tools, such as joint knives and automatic tapers. Our process integrates advanced methods like laser-level precision and moisture-resistant materials, addressing common issues like uneven surfaces and water damage.

Our accomplishments include finishing over 3000 drywalls with a 95% client satisfaction rate, highlighting our commitment to excellence. This success is reflected in our high rate of returning clients, solidifying our reputation as a leader in the Des Moines renovation industry.

Our Drywall Finishing Process in Des Moines

Precision Builders Group leads the way in drywall finishing services in Des Moines, ensuring every step is executed with precision and expertise:


We evaluate the project area and identify specific challenges.


Surfaces, including cleaning and priming, are prepared to ensure optimal adhesion.


We apply joint compound smoothly to seams and corners using state-of-the-art tools.


We dry the surface for a flawless finish.

Final Inspection

We conduct a thorough check to guarantee that the quality meets our high standards.

Our step-by-step process ensures durable, high-quality results, solidifying our reputation as a trusted provider in the community.

Our Services
What We Offer

Gutter Services

We provide comprehensive gutter installation and maintenance to protect properties from water damage and enhance drainage efficiency.

Drywall Installation

We specialize in drywall installation and ensure precise fits and seamless walls for new constructions and renovations.

Drywall Finishing

Get expert drywall finishing services in Des Moines. We deliver smooth, paint-ready surfaces for any project scale.

Commercial Painting

We offer commercial painting services, handling everything from small businesses to large corporate spaces with high-quality finishes.

Residential Painting

We provide residential painting services, transforming homes with beautiful, durable coatings bespoke to each homeowner's style.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Drywall finishing includes taping, applying joint compound to seams and screw indentations, and sanding the surface smoothly to prepare it for painting or wallpapering.

Typically, we apply three coats of joint compound, allowing each layer to dry and be sanded smooth before applying the next, ensuring a quality finish.

Yes, we can match various textures, whether you need a smooth finish or a specific textural style like knockdown or orange peel.

Drywall finishing can be done any time of the year, but humidity and temperature can affect drying times, so we often recommend spring or fall for optimal conditions.

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Our commitment to exceptional customer service includes support throughout every phase of your project, guaranteeing satisfaction.

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We use the latest technology and innovative techniques to deliver efficient, cutting-edge services that exceed industry standards.


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